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To Our Supporters and Partners:
Thank you again for a wonderful Citywide Back to School Rally on August 5, 2017. So many volunteers participated in the 9th Annual Citywide Back to School Rally and we served many students residing in the Richmond City area with a backpack filled with school supplies. We are grateful to our partners and donors for contributing the success of students We appreciate you! , . The 2017-2018 school year is upon us and Northside Coalition for Children, Inc. has done more than our part ensuring thousands of students will begin the school year with the supplies and confidence they need to be successful!
Servicing children is what I have done for over 20 years as an educator and it is what members of the Northside Coalition for Children, Inc. is dedicated to do each summer for all students who attend a Richmond City School. The service of providing a backpack filled with school supplies for free is what we believe in doing each August and will continue to do so with your support. We will continue to serve our Richmond, Virginia communities regardless of their zip code.  Service for others is what we do!

The NCC was founded on the value of servant leadership and the belief we may not can change the world but we can change our community one family at a time. 
A non-profit organization founded in 2009 with the vision of serving all children residing in the City of Richmond, Virginia with a backpack stuffed with school supplies who attend Richmond Public Schools and we are so fortunate to continue to provide school supplies at no cost to so many families residing in Richmond City, Virginia.
Our Citywide Back to School Rallies are always the first Saturday in August. See you for our 10th birthday bash in 2018!

Again, welcome!
Shonda Harris-Muhammed, M.Ed
Wife, Mother, Educator, Community Advocate
Founder and Executive Director
IRS Tax Exempt ID# 45-2971273 

Mission Statement

Northside Coalition for Children was founded with the mission to serve families residing on the Northside of Richmond, Virginia with school supplies. Creating partnerships with our families, the school system, and local businesses.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Donating to the NCC will assist the organization in providing a very nice backpack filled with school supplies to any student who is registered with Richmond Public Schools.