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Who are we?

NCC was literally formed in the kitchen of her founder, Shonda Harris-Muhammed in May of 2009, along with the late Rev. Ralph Harris former resident of Southern Barton Heights. The vision was to serve a family who was in need of immediate assistance. That vision formed into a bigger mission that includes several Community Associations, Churches, Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation, and many families.
Connecting on a personal level to our community, business partners, families, and other stakeholders is extremely important to us. We are a small organization with a BIG heart who believes in the power of servent leadership.

Shonda Harris-Muhammed: Founder and Executive Director
Chandra Smith: First President/Higher Education Outreach Coordinator
Willie Hillard: Second Vice-President/Coordinator of Logistics
Milondra Coleman: Secretary/Faith-Based Community Coordinator
Chris Del Bueno: Community Outreach Coordinator/Vendor Coordinator/Fundraiser Coordinator
Garrett Sawyer: Business Coordinator and Medical Coordinator
Troyanna Cheatham: Board Member
Rodney Thomas: Board Member 

What do we do?

We provide free school supplies for children in grades K-12, including Head Start in August.  Please contact one of our members for assistance.
We are always in need of the following items:
1) notebook paper
2) backpacks for females
3) number two pencils
4) colored pencils
5) glue sticks
6) three ring binders
7) composition books 
Please contact Shonda Harris-Muhammed, 804-687-6743, if you would like to donate.